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Doers for Innovation

The perception of the world is due to its continuous change. We accept the challenges that the changing enjoins upon us. Technologies evolve based on the products that use them.

Enjoy the art of wearable

Wearable Reference Platform (WaRP), based on our hybrid architecture. Warp enables professionals and makers to morph the wearable computing marketspace. More…

Edge IoT

Lightweight and on-premise deployable framework for M2M communication for your next Internet of Things. More…

Enjoy the art of coding

Highly Skilled Engineering Services for The Products of Tomorrow. Operating Systems, Embedded and Mobile Applications, Wearable Technologies, Advanced Enterprise Architectures.


Pursuing the path of innovation means pursuing the study and the culture of newest technologies to develop techniques and artifacts to design the software and the products of tomorrow. For us, the study and the culture are the first step towards the freedom of a digital expression and it’s beauty.Enjoy the art of coding is our state of mind. We enjoy this because of the spirit to be part of an excellence, no matter how difficult the challenge is. Discover the engineering services Kynetics provides on the WaRP Platform to create your next wearable product.


There are many approaches to represent an idea and the process leading to its structure and substance in the real world. If the scientific method is what governs the mechanical interaction between the theoretical design and experimental artifacts, the agility on designing, implementing and deploying code is as well for us a key to a functional, solid and stylish product.


Among the most significant metrics in software engineering we believe that our approach and quality of our products is the reason for the continuous and solid professional relationship with our customers that wants to innovate. Design and develop with quality means: to improve, renovate, and revolutionize while minimizing costs and risks. Quality is most likely a state of mind where the creativity of the work is modulated with the discipline of the process.