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Android Pie 9.0.0 for Nitrogen8M Mini

Android 9 Pie for Boundary Devices Nitrogen8M Mini

by Roberto Sartori


The Nitrogen8M_Mini SBC is the latest in the Boundary Devices line of i.MX based Nitrogen platforms, leveraging the recently released i.MX 8M_Mini family of applications processors from NXP. It includes an accessory kit option with a 5V Power Supply, 8GB microSD card, Battery, and Serial Console Cable. The Nitrogen8M_Mini is designed for mass production use with a guaranteed 10 year life span, FCC Pre-scan results, and a stable supply chain. Industrial temperature and conformal coating options are available.

Release Notes

Here are some important remarks about our build:

  • Android 9.0 with Linux Kernel 4.14
  • Compatible with the Nitrogen8M Mini single board computer
  • Compatible with the BD080MCC1 MIPI display (8 inches)
  • Userdebug build with permissive SELinux and disabled DM Verity
  • Android Verified Boot disabled
  • Android A/B partitions disabled
  • This is an unsupported release. For commercial support please contact us.

The build includes the following Kynetics applications:

  • Update Factory:
  • SPI handler
  • GPIO handler

F-Droid is also included to allow installing Android applications directly from the device using the ethernet or the wifi connection.

Flash Instructions

The following steps will guide you through the installation of Android 9 on the Nitrogen8M Mini.

Hardware Requirements

Optional for debugging:

  • Micro USB cable - adb access

Software Requirements

Software Preparation

On Linux systems, connect the serial cable from the board to the host computer.

Then, enter fastboot mode on the Nitrogen8M Mini board:

  • Press the FASTBOOT button on the board while powering it up, U-Boot should automatically start fastboot


  • From U-Boot prompt, enter the following command:
=> fastboot 0

From the Host PC:

$ unzip BoundaryDevices_Nitrogen8MM-AndroidOS-p9.0.0_1.0.0-ga-dev-1.0-SNAPSHOT-[date].zip -d nitrogen8mm_p900
$ cd nitrogen8mm_p900
./nitrogen8mm_p900$ sudo ./

After the reboot, enter fastboot mode again and update U-Boot. This is necessary to get ADB working: From the U-Boot prompt:

=> run upgradeu

Enjoy the Art of Coding™