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Update Factory Android Client 1.5 is released

Build and manage from remote your fleet of embedded Android devices with Update Factory. Update OS and application at scale.



  • Update the license from EPLv1 to EPLv2.
  • Upgrade Kotlin to 1.8.21 which fixes the false positive type mismatch in Android Studio.
  • The “uf-client-example” module has moved to a new repository and renamed to “UF Service API Reference Implementation”: https://github.com/Kynetics/uf-service-api-reference-implementation
  • Exclude the “os-mock” module from the Jitpack build.
  • For security reasons, the ufConf.conf file is ignored when the Service API is used to configure the client.

Bug fixes

  • Handle crash caused by failing to evaluate the file scheme used by ufConf.conf file.
  • Fix the “Reboot on the same partition” bug, when the UF Client Service crashes during a double-copy OTA update.

See the project Release Notes and artifacts for download