Embedded System Engineering

Kynetics is an software engineering company focused on embedded Android and Linux operating systems and applications, strongly driven by a culture of execution and trust. Our team is committed to delivering top-notch embedded projects, customized to meet the needs of your product’s design.


Android Projects Successfully Delivered


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Different Industries Served

Embedded System Software

Custom Operating System for ARM System-on-a-chip (SoC)

  • Android AOSP
  • Yocto Linux

Kiosk Embedded System

  • Industrial
  • Biotechnology
  • Scientific Instrumentation
  • Entertainment 
  • Food and Beverage

Application Layer

  • Servicing Interface
  • System Recovery
  • Kiosk Applications
Android Robot

Android BSP

Development and Production OSes for custom H/W designs

  • Schematics review and driver support analysis.
  • Bootloader, Android Kernel, Device Tree extensions 
  • HAL customizations for cameras and sensors integration
  • Customer branding
  • Boot time optimization

Android Security

  • Trusted Execution Environment
  • Android Virtualization Framework
  • User space and settings lock-up
  • Full Chain of Trust
  • Android Verified Boot for critical systems
  • Android Real Time by Heterogeneous Multiprocessing

Linux and RTOS

Yocto Open Embedded 

  • Schematics review and driver support analysis.
  • H/W integration
    • Bootloader
    • Kernel
    • Device Tree
  • A/B partitioning for double copy updates
  • QT and Boot2QT environments
  • USB and Over the air Updates
  • Advanced Bluetooth Stack Integration
  • Full Yocto support for Docker containers
  • Free RTOS integration
  • Hybrid Architecture Support (MCU<->CPU)
    • RPMsg for Interprocessor Communication

When it comes to understanding the scope and costs of your project, we take extra care to fully comprehend your needs. Contact us today to start a preliminary analysis of your Project’s requirements.