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Kynetics simplifies the process of building your Android BSP by offering a variety of resources and services for the more popular embedded application processors. More importantly, we can build you one engineered around your custom hardware.

Start Building Today

Explore various product options with our ready-made Evaluation BSPs. These packages provides a starting point for assessing the feasibility of building your product with specific hardware.

Android BSP for Industry-leading Embedded Boards and SOMs Manufacturers

Beyond the List

Don’t see your specific hardware combination listed? Kynetics can customize the Android OS for your specific design needs and application use cases. From the boot-loader, Android kernel, Android HAL and user-space customization such as branding and the full kiosk mode experience.

Simplifying the process of building your Android BSP

Broad Selection: We offer Android BSPs for various popular application processors and embedded systems, supported by detailed technical documentation.

In-depth Expertise: Kynetics We collaborate with top hardware vendors to ensure our Evaluation BSPs offer a superior experience, helping you effectively developing your product on specific SBCs or SOM.

Our Development BSP provides a robust foundation for developers to be in full control. Our Production BSP guarantees a secure, reliable, and market-ready operating system for your final product.

Comprehensive Support: Kynetics supports you from concept to deployment, assisting with proof of concept and guiding you to a secure, stable, production-ready OS for your embedded system.