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Highly Skilled Engineering Services - Embedded Systems, Full IoT Pipeline,
DevOps, PaaS architecture design.

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Update Factory is an IoT platform for developers and businesses
to deploy remotely, software updates to devices at scale. More...

Update Factory


Lightweight and on-premise deployable framework for M2M
communication for your next Internet of Things product. More…

Edge IoT

warp - wearable and iot device reference platform

Wearable Reference Platform (WaRP), based on our
hybrid architecture. Warp enables professionals and makers
to morph the wearable computing market space. More…

Enjoy the art of wearable

Embedded Software

Kynetics provides full software stacks for the most popular NXP application processors. In cooperation with great partners like Boundary Devices and Toradex, we have been working on popular embedded products tailoring operating systems and applications for different industries.

  • Operating System Customization for ARM NXP i.MX6 System-On-a-Chip (SoC)
    • Android Platform
    • Yocto Linux
  • Application stack and API development for Android custom Single Board Computers
  • Embedded software for local and remote OTA updates and device management
  • Active contributors to Open Source initiatives

Full Device to Cloud Pipeline

What makes Kynetics quite special is our expertise over the entire IoT pipeline.
Leveraging a solid background in developing Java and Scala microservices architectures, we are able to manage a full pipeline of an IoT product which starts from edge devices and their embedded software to the back end software including the DevOps.

Technical Notes are articles focused on Kynetics’ latest research and development, demos, previews and software culture.

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