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Embedded Android

We are the partners that help you overcome the challenges of implementing and maintaining advanced Android embedded systems.

Our Services

Kynetics offers a suite of Android and Linux operating systems (OS) for embedded systems, featuring popular application processors from NXPQualcommMediatek and NVIDIA.
Our Operating Systems are specifically designed for embedded products across diverse industries.
Industry-leading development kit manufacturers, such as Ezurio, Toradex, and TechNexion, rely on Kynetics as the system integrator partner for the Android projects of their customers.

Our Products

Development Tools and SaaS for extending and simplify the development and the deployment process, allowing engineers to focus on core functionalities of embedded applications and extend the capability of your service team.
Explore our SDK Extensions, OS Installer, and Android Evaluation BSP to streamline your development with tools that simplify the process and accelerate the delivery of your product.
Update Factory provides secure remote OTA updates and device management, cutting costs and standardizing software over your fleet.



Android Projects Successfully Delivered


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Merged Commits on relevant open-source projects including Android Kernel and U-boot


Different Industries Served

From fast prototyping to production ready OS

Kynetics supports their customers through every phase of their Android OS and Linux Embedded development. When developing embedded products, customers require features customized to specific software use-case and hardware design-driven requirements. During prototyping, an agile interface is key for in-depth testing and debugging of hardware and software. For production, the focus turns to enhanced security and system siloing to ensure the product’s reliability and the protection of its value.

Visit our Technical Notes blog. You can find contents about our products, R&D activities, previews and our culture about software development.

Your partner for the core challenges of the embedded world.

Kynetics tackles customer hurdles in embedded OSes development. We offer expertise in Android and Linux for various popular processors, supporting clients from prototyping to production. Our focus is on customization, security, reliability and maintainability.