Scalable and Secure

Over-The-Air Updates for

Android IoT Devices

Update Factory provides Remote Software Updates and
Mobile Device Management for connected Android Devices.

Streamline Device Management

Update Factory empowers developers and organizations to effortlessly manage their entire Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, including
Mobile Device Management (MDM) and fleet control.


Deliver OS and software updates, along with any other update artifact, to your devices at scale, ensuring optimal performance, security, and consistent configurations.

Lucas Pillman,
Product Manager @ Dr Dish

Update Factory allows Dr. Dish to monitor and upgrade our basketball rebounding machine in the field. We can launch new products at a rapid rate because we can fix any software issue that comes up with a simple software update.

Android Robot
Tailored for Android

Update Factory excels in the Android ecosystem, offering a dedicated client with a powerful API for comprehensive device management. This includes managing operating system updates, applications, and device-specific configurations.

OTA and MDM Integration

Update Factory seamlessly integrates with leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, allowing you to leverage its functionalities for centralized Android devices configuration management.



Single & Double Copy Support

Update Factory goes beyond traditional update management by offering comprehensive support for both single-copy and double-copy update strategies.

User-friendly, workflow-driven framework

Upload artifacts to a secure scalable repository. Create software distributions. Assign distributions to appropriate devices or groups. Coordinate large-scale roll-out campaigns. Monitor data and storage consumption

Embedded OS Updates must be Atomic

With a tightly built update procedure, devices can sustain abrupt power failures with a success-or-fail approach.

  • Single copy update system for embedded devices with low eMMC footprint
    • Recovery OS (single copy) to safely update kernel and user-space system, available for both Android and Linux
  • Double copy (A/B) on higher end devices with larger eMMC footprint
    • Secure and easy rollback option
  • Signed Updates for enhanced security
  • Possibility to update critical devices locally by USB removable media

Security and Reliability at Scale

Update Factory remotely updates your Android Embedded Device

  • Track updates and their versioning
  • Custom device attributes
  • Update a single device, or to a small or large groups of devices
  • Deploy updates immediately or upon a schedule
  • Deploy full OS Updates or applications
  • Deploy device settings configuration as Device Control Updates (DCU, Android)
  • Split updates into groups of devices and set thresholds (%) to either halt or continue, (minimize risk)
  • Monitor update progress and device statuses
  • Gradle plugin for Android Studio, for fast artifacts upload
  • …and it supports Linux-Yocto embedded systems, of course!

Supporting Android Connected Devices Globally

Supported by 

eclipse foundation logo

Eclipse Hara™

Eclipse Hara™ provides a hawkBit DDI API implementation. Kynetics is the project lead of Eclipse Hara.

Eclipse hawkBit™

Eclipse hawkBit aims to create a domain independent back end framework for rolling out software updates to connected devices


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