warp - wearable and iot device reference platform

Warp is the first design featuring CPU and MCU
interoperability. Are you ready for the next step?

IoT Development Board - Warp

warp board side picture

Wearable is about size. We worked hard to make it as you'd expect.

Small. As it should be.

Customization has never
been this fast.

Creatively Expandable

An Open Project

Warp is a small form-factor, IoT development board designed around an architecture we’ve developed called Hybrid Design. Built to pave the way for the development of small and powerful computing platforms, Warp is designed for wearables, sensors, and IoT devices. And, as a fully open-source platform, it can be directly integrated into a final design.
Warpx.io is our contribution to the Community, it is a way to say thank you to thousands of developers who contribute every day to enhance free software which make our work possible.
Check the Warpx.io community website to learn more.

Professional Support

We released the source code of both Yocto and Android for Warp, however we offer our professional support to software development and OS customization for those customers who want to go to the next level.
In particular we provide tailored solutions for fast boot, software updates, customer’s proprietary software integration.
Our knowledge around Enterprise development brings Warp into the Internet of Things and Warp is an extraordinary platform for IoT applications.

In addition to our paid support, Kynetics offers products as a service for the Internet of Things.
Our Edge IoT Platform handles device to cloud communication and resources exchange featuring solid authorization rules and data partitioning.
Update Factory is a ready solution for remote software updates at scale.