Kynetics joins the Eclipse Foundation


We are proud to announce that Kynetics is now a Member of the Eclipse Foundation! At Kynetics, we honor the contribution to open-source because we recognize the value of community driven collaboration and software. Joining this great team of individuals and companies is an opportunity for Kynetics to contribute actively in companionship with great industry leaders.

We look forward to the next chapter!

Nicola La Gloria, Ph.D, CEO, Kynetics

Kynetics @ ELC and OpenIOT Summit 2018


Kynetics will be presenting at the Embedded Linux Conference and OpenIOT Summit 2018 in Portland, Oregon – March 12-14.

We will be covering the following topics:

Remote Software Updates for IoT Devices with Eclipse hawkBit

In the past embedded software updates have often been based on custom software, but now several open source frameworks are emerging as community based software components to build configurable, scalable and robust update platforms.

This talk will show how to build a remote software update management platform to transparently manage a heterogeneous set of devices (embedded Linux and Android).

For the remote software update management platform the Eclipse hawkBit software will be presented, showing its architecture, security model and use cases.

For the IoT device hawkBit client two heterogeneous solutions will be presented: a SWUpdate based Linux client and an open source DDI service Android app. The SWUpdate Linux client will be configured in a two phase Android-style approach separating the installation of the update files in a single purpose recovery OS. Presented by Diego Rondini.

More info can be found here.

An Introduction to Asymmetric Multiprocessing: When this Architecture can be a Game Changer and How to Survive It

Asymmetric multi-processing (AMP) systems fulfill the need for high performance and real-time by combining the responsiveness of a MCU with the processing power of an application processor which runs a full OS.

This talk will present a technical overview on asymmetric multiprocessing platforms focussing on motivations, use cases and how to handle interprocess communication between MCU and MPU in practice.

Tools and strategies on how to develop software on such platforms will be presented, as well as debugging techniques which take into account the diversity and complexity of such systems. A case of study based an AMP architecture is analyzed. Low-latency tasks such as high-rate reading/sampling can be handled more easily and efficiently by the MCU core running a RTOS while data visualization can displayed by the Master core running a full Linux operating system. Presented by Nicola La Gloria and Laura Nao.

More info can be found here.

A20 OLinuXIno LIME2 – eMMC support in meta-sunxi OpenEmbedded

A20 OLinuXIno LIME2

Kynetics has developed and upstreamed support in the meta-sunxi OpenEmbedded layer for the Olimex A20 OLinuXIno LIME2 eMMC, the first Olimex board based on the Allwinner A20 SOC to feature eMMC storage. In particular, the patches add support for the eMMC in U-Boot and the Linux kernel including automatic selection of boot partitions based on the storage which U-Boot has been loaded from.

You can find the patches on Github.

Kynetics @ ELC 2017


Kynetics will be attending the Embedded Linux Conference 2017 in Portland, Oregon – February 21-23. We will have Warpx on display at the show! See below for more information about Warpx and visit the Warpx community over at


Warpx – Open Source Wearable/IoT Embedded Platform

Download a copy of the above ELC 2017 technical information here.

See WaRP @ Wearables Techcon 2016!


Kynetics and REVO will be attending the Wearables Techcon 2016 show in San Jose, CA, July 18-20. The team will be presenting WaRP – an Open Source reference design for Wearable technology. WaRP is open BOM, open schematics and all software engineered and developed by the team is available on Github in support of your next rapid prototype!

Interested in WaRP? Learn more at: