A20 OLinuXIno LIME2 – eMMC support in meta-sunxi OpenEmbedded

A20 OLinuXIno LIME2

Kynetics has developed and upstreamed support in the meta-sunxi OpenEmbedded layer for the Olimex A20 OLinuXIno LIME2 eMMC, the first Olimex board based on the Allwinner A20 SOC to feature eMMC storage. In particular, the patches add support for the eMMC in U-Boot and the Linux kernel including automatic selection of boot partitions based on the storage which U-Boot has been loaded from.

You can find the patches on Github.

Kynetics @ ELC 2017


Kynetics will be attending the Embedded Linux Conference 2017 in Portland, Oregon – February 21-23. We will have Warpx on display at the show! See below for more information about Warpx and visit the Warpx community over at warpx.io.


Warpx – Open Source Wearable/IoT Embedded Platform

Download a copy of the above ELC 2017 technical information here.

See WaRP @ Wearables Techcon 2016!


Kynetics and REVO will be attending the Wearables Techcon 2016 show in San Jose, CA, July 18-20. The team will be presenting WaRP – an Open Source reference design for Wearable technology. WaRP is open BOM, open schematics and all software engineered and developed by the team is available on Github in support of your next rapid prototype!

Interested in WaRP? Learn more at: www.warpx.io.